10 Ways a Young Woman Can Saturate Her Life with Scripture

10 Ways a Young Woman can Saturate Her Life with Scripture

I absolutely love reading a good book. However, truly a joyful and radiant life is one that is saturated in God’s Word.  The Bible is our guide book, and holds the truths we need to cling to in hard times.  In good times, God’s Word will keep us focused on living for Him.  We can find true joy in the Word of God.

“But {her} delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth {she} meditate day and night.” Psalm 1:2

“Thy testimonies… are the rejoicing of my heart.” Psalm 119:11

Lately, I have come to the conclusion that I want God’s Word to saturate my life.  I want to find true joy from God’s Word just like David.  If you want your life to be saturated in God’s Word as well, then this post is for you!

10 Ways a Young Woman Can Saturate Her Life with Scripture

1) Read God’s Word everyday

The very first step we can take to living a life saturated in Scripture is to be reading it everyday.  It can be  so easy to go a few days without spending much time in God’s Word.  In order to keep this from happening, we should guard our time in God’s Word just like we guard the time we spend doing other things we enjoy.  Reading God’s Word must be the first priority in our lives, let’s read it daily.

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2) Read God’s Word First Thing in the Morning

This one is hard for me.  Really hard.  However, I realize that if I want my life to be saturated in Scripture, then I should be reaching for my Bible before reaching to check email or eat breakfast.  Reading or meditating  on God’s Word first thing in the morning will help us focus our minds on what is right, from the very beginning of our day. 

3) Write God’s Word

There is something extremely helpful about writing God’s Word.  It forces concentration and helps us see things we never saw before.  Sometimes just taking out a sheet of paper and copying the verses we read can bring new light and meaning.   Writing the Word also helps us memorize the Word -which brings us to the next step…

4) Memorize God’s Word

When we have Bible verses memorized and filed away in our minds, then we will find ourselves thinking about God’s Word more often.  Having God’s Word in our hearts and minds will help us think and live right. I love copying verses down on bright 3 x 5 cards to review and memorize.  A very helpful method for memorizing Scripture is writing the first letter of each word.  For an example, the verse “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice” would be written like this:

“R i t L a: a a I s, R.” Philippians 4:4

This is effective because it gives a little “help” without being able to read the entire verse word-for-word.

5) Keep God’s Word in View

Seeing God’s Word is another very helpful way to saturate our lives with Scripture.  There are lots of ways to do this, from hanging verses on our bedroom walls, displaying them in the car, having a verse as our phone wallpaper, or even having the Bible open where we will see it and can easily pick it up and start reading.  The goal here is to put Scripture verses where we will see it often and be reminded of what the Bible says. 

6) Listen to God’s Word

Listening to the Bible may help us focus more than reading it… simply because it’s different.  We can play Scripture in the background while we go about daily tasks such as washing dishes or riding in the car.  I love listening to music as much as the next person, but occasionally switching out the music for God’s Word can be helpful.

7) Sing God’s Word

Hymns and other songs based on Scripture help us think on Bible truths.  I find it so much easier to memorize a verse when it’s in song form.  Find some songs that are based on Scripture and give them a try.  You might surprised how easy it is to memorize a verse simply by singing it! 🙂

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8) Share God’s Word with Others

Sharing verses we read with others is a great way to live Scripture-saturated lives.  We can share verses on social media, put them in our text messages and emails, write them out in cards and letters, and verbally share them with others.  The simple act of sharing a verse makes us think about Scripture too!

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9) Pray the Word of God

There’s nothing wrong with quoting Scripture while praying!   I think God loves to hear us speak His Words.  Praying through God’s Word can help us in many ways.  It reminds us of what God has already told us, which can strengthen our faith.  When we find a verse with a command, we can ask God to help us live it out.  Praying God’s Word can help us saturate our lives with more Scripture.

10) End Your Day With God’s Word

I’ve often heard that wherever your mind goes right before you fall asleep is where you heart is.  Whether that’s true or not, having Scripture on our minds as we end our day will help us keep our heart focused on what is most important.  It may be as simple as reading one verse before bed, but let’s end each day thinking about God and His Word.

There You Have It

Those are ten simple ways to saturate our lives with more Scripture.  When we learn to love God’s Word and think on it often, we will experience true joy!

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Rebekah Joy (2)

14 thoughts on “10 Ways a Young Woman Can Saturate Her Life with Scripture

  1. These are some good points. 🙂 I’m amazed how hard it is to read the Bible in the morning! Maybe it’s because I get up too late and I have to get downstairs to start school … I don’t know! I’m going to try to work on those two areas …. reading God’s word in the mornings and the evenings. 🙂 Please pray for me!

    My laundry is waiting to be transfered, so I’d best go do that!

    1. Sometimes my problem is not getting up early enough. It’s so easy to get caught up in the tasks of the day without having spent time in the Word! It’s definitely something we should prepare for in advance and try hard to keep it from happening!

  2. Yes I do! In fact that has been my struggle this past week so I am grateful for the encouragement.

    For me, reading as soon as possible after breakfast (because we eat very early) is the single most effective way to ensure that my conscious and subconscious mind continue mulling over good things throughout the day. I have found this especially true on Sunday mornings, which are usually a whirlwind! If I am willing (and it takes planning the night before!) to get up early enough to leave time for devotions before we leave the house, it is so much easier to clear away the distractions and listen attentively/worship during church meeting later.

    One lovely verse which I found beginning of the year has been an encouragement to highly cherish time in God’s Word. “The entrance of Thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple” (Ps. 119:130). Why do we ever pass this up???

    1. I’m glad you found this helpful… it can be hard to stay consistent!

      Yes, sometimes it is helpful to wake up a bit before reading the Bible. I love it when I think of Scripture right as I wake up. It’s nice to have some Scripture on my mind because some mornings I feel too groggy to read my Bible right away. Sundays are definitely trickier for me as well!

      That is such a great verse, thank you for sharing it!

  3. I so love this!! Wonderful post with super great tips… I definitely do. And I think about how with physical food, do we just forget to have breakfast..lunch ..oops I forgot to eat today!? No, our stomachs let us know for sure-we need to eat. We need our spiritual food even so much more but somehow it can be so easy to oops, forget about spending time in God’s Word. Having my Bible time be one of my first priorities in the morning is something I’m working on at the moment, I need to do better with that. I have a cd with Romans chapters 6-8 in song on it, you’re so right! It’s a lot easier to memorize scripture put to song…and it’s harder to ever lose it that way as well. I am going to be taking #5 especially into practice and setting up scripture verses in different places so I can see them through out the day. 🙂 And obviously, I can visit your blog again! Thanks for fixing it! I am really enjoying all of your posts, they are very challenging + encouraging! <3

    1. Ashely, your comment is so encouraging! I’m glad you are able to view my site again… I’m not exactly sure what went wrong but I was so relieved to have it fixed!

      You made SUCH a good point. We rarely miss a meal when it comes to physical food, yet so often we skip out on Spiritual “meals”. Thanks for bringing that out!

  4. Yes! I want the Bible to saturate my life for sure! 🙂 These are great points! I can definitely relate to the reading your Bible first thing in the morning. It is definitely helpful in so many ways. And writing down Scripture helps me a lot too!

  5. I love this list, and how much we can gain in our relationship with God from all of these practices! I have been feeling a hunger for more of God’s word lately, so thank you for the reminder that there are many times and ways I can be diving into it.

  6. HI Rebekah, thank you so much for the daily reminders, it is so needed in our world today. I am going to make a habit of getting into the Word both day and night.
    I would like to suggest a book by John & Stasi Eldredge “Captivating” a wonderful wonderful read. Make sure you have your Bible handy. Thank you & God Bless!

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