Engagement: What It’s Like From His Perspective

Hello Friends!

Last week I shared a post on my engagement to Adam, and what it’s been like from my perspective. This week it’s Adam’s turn 😉

The night he sent me this sweet post I felt so happy and blessed. I’m sure once you read it you will see that God has truly blessed me with a wonderful man that I don’t deserve!

But enough from me…. Here is Adam’s perspective on our engagement. 🙂

Engagement... What it's like from his perspective.

Hi Everybody! I feel honored to be able to have a part in Rebekah’s blog and share about our engagement from my perspective. Growing up, I figured one day I would be married and along with that comes courtship, a proposal, engagement, wedding planning, etc. However, it always seemed to be very distant in the future. Now those distant ideas are coming true and in just 30 days I will actually be married to the Love of my life!

I am head-over-heels madly in LOVE! Rebekah is the most wonderful person in the world to me. She treats me with the utmost love, respect, and adoration and makes me feel like a prince about to marry a real princess! I love spending time with her, going out on sweet dates, giving her special surprises, and treating her with as much love as I can. She is so special to me and I can’t wait to marry her

I feel very impatient! Seven months is hardly enough time to plan a wedding but it’s too long for me. Yes, there are times when I am amazed at how fast time is flying by but it is not flying by fast enough to please me. I am very much in love and the sooner I can marry my precious Sweetheart, the better.

Rebekah is becoming increasingly more important! In recent years the closest people to me have been my parents. I would go to them for help, support, encouragement, or even if I just needed someone to talk to. Now that has changed. Things I used to discuss with my parents I now discuss with her. Rebekah is now my number ONE helper, supporter, and encourager. Her thoughts, ideas, and opinions are very important to me. The more I get to know her and the closer our wedding day approaches, the more important she becomes to me.

Realities are setting in! Engagement is wonderful and marriage is bliss but love can’t pay the bills. God has given me the responsibility to provide for our future and it is almost time for that responsibility to kick in. We need a home, basic necessities for our home, reliable health insurance, and I need a good enough job that will pay all these bills. My parents are no longer responsible to take care of these details. We are starting a new home and I must provide for our home.

I worry about Rebekah! She has a lot on her plate. Between the wedding planning, responsibilities at church, her blog, and her job, she is very busy. Some nights she is up very late trying to stay on top of all the work and then she feels tired the next day. It’s during times like these when I begin to worry about her and really wish I could take care of her to free her up from these responsibilities.

Rebekah needs my support! Planning a wedding is not that easy. It started out as a fun adventure but now the details are becoming very stressful especially for Rebekah. Wedding bells ring in 30 days and there are still all kinds of things that need to get done. There is not much I can do to help with the details but I can be there for her to support, praise, encourage, and love her as she deals with these things.

I am very grateful! Rebekah is by far the BEST person I could wish to marry. She is such a wonderful person, she is very Godly, she is such a hard worker, she adores me so well, and she is in Love with me. I don’t deserve to marry a lady like Rebekah. Thank you, Rebekah, for wanting to marry me. I Love you!

This is the happiest year of my life! The year 2017 has been filled with some of the best blessings I have ever received. Rebekah and I have been able to see each other consistently, we got engaged, Rebekah was able to attend my college graduation, the Lord has perfectly opened the right doors of opportunity, and in just 30 days we will be married! How much better can life get!

Getting married is the second most important decision any person will ever make (salvation is first). I praise the Lord for bringing Rebekah into my life and for giving us confidence that we are marrying the right one. Our courtship, engagement, and marriage would not be possible without His specific leading. Now our whole future lies before us and we are both excited to see what great things God will do!

– Adam

Rebekah Joy (2)

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  1. What a blessing this (and the last) post was! Love seeing it from both of your perspectives. Praise the Lord for the work He is doing in both your lives as you prepare to be married VERY soon!! 😉

  2. Its a blessing to receive Gods gift. The equal yoke that completes you both. May God continue blessing you too, forever more.

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