Bad Habits Every Christian Must Break

Bad Every Christian Must Break

Whether we realize it or not, everything we do in life is made up mostly by our habits.  Both good and bad habits play a huge part in our life.  Did you ever stop to think that God is interested in the habits you are cultivating and living out?

What habits can be found in my life that don’t please my Heavenly Father?  What habits might you have that aren’t necessarily glorifying God?  Following is a list of bad habits that are frequently found in my life… and it’s very likely they are present in your life as well.  If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit and confess that these bad habits are actually sins!  God Word has something to say about each one.  Let’s identify which bad habits (or sins!) are present in our lives and then seek to change them with His help.

Bad Habits Every Christian Must Break

Bad Habit #1:  Putting other things before God

This can happen over and over again.  If we aren’t careful our lives get busy and full and before we know it, less important things take God’s place.  Jobs, family time, hobbies, time with friends… all these things have their place but they should never come before our time with God.

Bad Habit #2: Not making enough time for prayer

This goes right along with #1 and it’s something I am guilty of oh-so-often!  Not making enough time for prayer is not giving God the highest place in our life. Prayer is the key to our spiritual life, and if we skip prayer we miss out on huge blessings and help from God.

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Bad Habit #3: Laziness

We do not need to read far into the book of Proverbs to see that laziness (or slothfulness) is a big thing.  It’s so easy to become lazy and slack off of our “Christian duties.”  Whether we begin to get lazy in our personal life, our walk with God, or ministry… laziness is a bad habit that must be overcome.

Bad Habit #4: Poor Stewardship.

Think for a moment about all the things God has given us to take care of: our bodies, our money, our relationships, our time, etc.  Are we being responsible and wise in our stewardship of these areas?  Not properly stewarding an area of our life can limit us in God’s service.  Poor health, failing relationships, or lack of wisdom in finances can severely limit us in our service to God.  We must not let bad habits of poor stewardship cripple our lives!

Bad Habit #5: Grumbling and Complaining

These are two things that can destroy our testimony for Christ!  Why would the world want what we have if we aren’t contented and joyful?  If we are constantly complaining and grumbling we give the world the wrong picture of the Christian life.  We must get rid of our selfish and complaining habits if we want to show the world what it is like to live a contented and joyful life in Christ.

Bad Habit #6: Gluttony 

This is something we rarely hear about but it is a problem none-the-less (for me too!).  God makes it very clear what He thinks about gluttony and a lack of self-discipline.  Just check out the book of Proverbs!  We must strive to overcome our bad habits related to food.  Food is a blessing from God but we abuse it so often. We must learn to be disciplined in our eating habits.

These are just six bad habits (or sins) that we must get rid of.  Cultivating good habits in these areas can help us have a brighter, more radiant testimony for Christ.  Let’s identify where we are failing and ask Him to help is form new and better habits.

“That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to deceitful lusts; And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.” Ephesians 4:22-24

I Would Love to Know

What “bad habits” can you think of to add to this list?  I only mentioned six but unfortunately there are many more than can be found in our lives.  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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More About this Post

The book that inspired this post is titled Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.  Although the book is not written from a biblical perspective, it is very helpful for learning how different people/personalities form and change habits.  If you are interested in learning more about habits this is a very interesting read.  However, please be aware that the author is not a Christian and therefore the book takes a psychological and scientific look at habits, not a biblical one.  The information the author shares can be very helpful when seeking to change our habits but the ultimate help in personal change comes from God and His Word!

Blogging for books provided me with a copy of Better than Before.

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10 thoughts on “Bad Habits Every Christian Must Break

  1. Great post! Hmmm I guess there have been times where I took the gluttony to the extreme and became overly concerned about it. That was a sin in itself. It’s all about balance right? 🙂 Tough stuff!

  2. Thank you for this. It was just what I needed for a reminder today. For myself, computer time can take too big of priority which goes with Bad Habit #1. It helps when I take a break for a day or so to get refocused.

  3. Wow, those first three points certainly pricked my conscience! I have been struggling to rightly manage my time, most specifically my time with God. A consequence of those bad habits I allow in my life… Thanks for posting. I haven’t gotten on here for a while, but just browsing though your posts feels like an encouraging chat with a friend. It definitely encourages me to keep doing my best. Noel

    1. Thanks for sharing, Noel! Managing time is tough for me too. I’m so glad you found the posts to be encouraging….I hope you are all doing well! 🙂

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