3 Biblical Topics Young Women Must Study

3 Biblical Topics Young Women Must Study

Reading and studying the Bible is how we learn God’s ways for our life.  Then we must apply the truths to our life in order for it to change our lives.  Here are three biblical topics we must be diligent to study as young women.  We should always search God’s Word first, but other books and study helps can take our learning to a deeper level.

I still need to increase my study in these three vital topics… and I hope you will join me!

3 Biblical Topics Young Women Must Study

God Himself

How we choose to live our lives is a direct result of what we believe to be true about God.  Knowing Who God is will dramatically transform our lives.  As we go through God’s Word we should be noticing His attributes, His characteristics, His promises… Everything that tells us more about our God.  Searching the Bible for more about God Himself is the most important way to study His Word.  In the Bible we find the knowledge of God that will transform our lives.

Books to Guide Your Study:

The Biblical Role of a Woman (Femininity)

Author Elizabeth George highlighted in pink every part of Scripture speaking to women.  I think this is a fabulous idea for all of us! Each time you come across a verse that relates specifically to women, highlight it in pink.  It’s in these passages we find God’s design for us as woman.  I don’t need to tell you that there is major confusion in our world today about gender roles.  We can avoid that confusion.  In the Bible we find the do’s (and don’ts) for our lives as women. 

Books to Guide Your Study:

Physical & Spiritual Purity

God has high standards of purity.  The world we live in does not.  It’s becoming harder and harder to live a pure life when we are constantly bombarded with impure news, pictures, thoughts, and ideas.  However, living a pure life is still possible!  The Bible is full of verses about physical and spiritual purity.  We must learn what God says about purity or we will fall to world’s standard of impurity.  In the Bible we find the instruction and strength needed to live a life of purity.

Books to Guide Your Study:

Final Thoughts

These three topics are huge and vitally important! When studying various topics, God’s Word must be our #1 guide. However, other books can help as well.  Please remember: when reading any book other than the Bible, be sure to judge any content by the standard of God’s Word! The books I’ve mentioned in this post can help you in your studies… however, please know that I cannot always endorse each book’s content and author 100%.

For more reading suggestions, be sure to visit my Books to Read page (there are over 50 books titles and the list is still growing!).

I would love to know 

→ Which of these topics will you study next… Or increase studying?

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14 thoughts on “3 Biblical Topics Young Women Must Study

  1. I love the idea of highlighting the verses pertaining to women in pink! But I’ve already highlighted in pink so much in my Bible, too late for me lol I am hoping to get Leslie Ludy’s book and study guide Authentic Beauty for Christmas. I’ve read her stuff before and it’s great! And this book sounds amazing! Have you ever read the book/done the study?

    1. I love that idea too 🙂 although I’m with you…I’ve highlighted quite a bit already! I read the book Authentic Beauty and enjoyed it. I currently subscribe to the Set Apart Girl Magazines and even though I don’t agree with everything, I find them to be very encouraging! 🙂 Let me know what you think of the book 🙂

  2. Hello! I just came across this blog! This stuff is all so adorable and true! I’ll be studying up on my role as a wife 🙂 such great topics! It’s nice to meet you!

  3. Knowing more about God is definitely high on my list. Isn’t amazing how we can study and study and still not know everything about Him?

  4. I agree! I came across this blog (I’ve tried to compliment but have been having tech issues posting!) All of the posts I’ve went through are just so adorable and true! Think I’ll study the same…Nice meeting you all! Great blog Rebekah!

  5. I think I am going to try with the second topic: The Biblical Role on Woman. I will definitely email you if I have any questions! 🙂

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