10 Books Every Christian Young Woman Should Read

10 Books Every Christian Young Woman Should Read - Here is a list of 10 Christian books that every young woman should read! This list is from More Radiance Blog, a website inspiring Christian young women.

10 Books Every Christian Young Woman Should Read

If you are a young woman looking for reading material to help you grow in your faith and strengthen your walk with God, you have come to the right place!  Following is a list of ten books (and a few more at the end!) that I have personally read and loved.  Each one may help you in a different area of your life, but they will all help you grow spiritually and become a better Christian. I hope you will choose at least one book from this list to read soon! ♥

1) The Bible

I cannot write a post titled “books every Christian young woman should read” without including the greatest book ever written… the Bible. The Bible is our guidebook. The best book we could ever spend time reading, and the book that deserves the first place in our life, our hearts, and our time.  It should be consumed and “digested” before all other books.  It should be studied (2 Tim. 2:15), memorized (Ps. 119:11) and applied (James 1:22). The best book any young woman could read is her Bible.

2) The Secrets of a Happy Heart by Debi Pryde (find it here)

This book is filled with truths that every woman can cling to. It contains tons of Scripture, biblical advice, and as the title says… the secrets of a happy heart. Personally, I love learning about joy and happiness and this book has been extremely helpful to me. It points me back to Truth and is a great resource for every Christian woman (young or old).  The author is a very successful biblical counselor who has had many years of experience in counseling.  She is also a true “woman of the Word”. All Scripture in this book is taken from the King James Version of the Bible. I would recommend this book to any woman who wants to know “the secrets of a happy heart”.

3) The 21 Tenets of Biblical Femininity by Jerry Ross (Find it here)

Jerry Ross is one of my favorite preachers, and his books have been a great help to me as well. This book teaches woman how to live out God’s plan for them as found in God’s Word. If you have any questions concerning your role and purpose as a woman… this book will help you! This world is so confused about gender roles and distinction. In a world that constantly promotes gender equality, this book teaches girls and young woman (and older women too!) the “whys” and “hows” of being a truly feminine woman. Again, all Scripture in this book is taken from the King James Version of the Bible.  This book is a wonderful guide for women on the true meaning of biblical femininity. 

4. Beautiful Girlhood by Mabel Hale (Find it here)

This is an old-fashioned book written for much younger girls.  However, I got so much out of this book when I read it at the age of eighteen (I read it when I was a pre-teen and did not enjoy it). This book is “chock-full” of practical and biblical advice for girls and young women. While a lot of the advice may seem “old-fashioned”, so much can still be applied today. Any young woman who wants to glean practical and biblical advice for her earlier years will enjoy this book!


>>> Be sure to check out The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood and Beyond Beautiful Girlhood!

5) A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George (Find it Here)

This book is written for women of all ages. Just like her other books, A Woman After God’s Own Heart is full of practical advice on how to “become the woman of excellence God designed you to be”.  In this book Elizabeth writes about many areas of a woman’s life – her walk with the Lord, family, ministry etc. and gives practical and biblical insight on how to follow God’s plan for each area. Any young woman who wants to follow God in each area of her life and become a woman after God’s heart should read this book!


>>> Elizabeth George has also written A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart and A Girl After God’s Own Heart.

6) What Do I Know About My God? by Mardi Collier (Find it here)

This book clearly lays out the importance of getting to know our God in a personal way. The author shares a very simple and helpful way to study God’s Word so that we can learn more about our God. Knowing God is key and this book will inspire you to learn more about your God.  All Scripture in the book is taken from the King James Version of the Bible. I would recommend this book to any woman who wants to learn more about her God and grow in her knowledge of Him.

7) Discover Your Destiny Cary Schmidt (Find it here)

As a young woman, making decisions and navigating through young adulthood can seem daunting and scary. So many mistakes are made in the early years that we must learn how to make wise choices and walk in the unique path and plan God has for us. This book is a very helpful guide teaching teenagers and young adults how to make wise choices and “discover their destiny”. All Scripture references in this book are taken from the King Jame Version of the Bible. I would recommend this book to any young woman desiring to make biblical choices in her early adult years.

8) Life Quest by Cary Schmidt (Find it here)

Another great book by Cary Schmidt, Life Quest is a great read for young women (or any young adult!). This book is full of the biblical wisdom needed to passionately and successfully navigate into adulthood and beyond. Reading this book I was reminded of the importance of God’s Word, wisdom, wise mentors and counselors, etc. to successfully live my life as an adult. Again, all Scripture is taken from the King James Version of the Bible. Any young woman who wants to passionately embrace adulthood should read this book!

9) The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (Find it here)

I’ve heard A.W. Tozer described as a man who knew and walked with God. For that reason, I believe that reading this book will inspire you to pursue God and know Him as well. So many of us lack the desire to have a close and intimate relationship with God. In this book, Tozer shares how we as Christians can cultivate a thirst for God which will result in a deeper and more personal relationship with God.  I would recommend this book to any young woman who wants to have a closer walk with God.


10) Changed Into His Image by Jim Berg (Find it here)

This book is a must-read for any Christian. It’s a little more in-depth and thought provoking than some of the other books on this list. In Changed Into His Image, Jim Berg uses lots of Scripture and biblical Truth to show Christians how to become more like Christ -which should be the goal of every Christian.  Any young woman who wants to become more like Christ should read this book!

More Books for Christian Young Women

Following is a short list of some other books I have read and enjoyed. Each one stands out in my mind for a special reason. Some of these did not make it to my list because they are not KJV only (which I prefer).

Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall – A great read for single young women (although many married women have read and greatly appreciated this book).

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss The fictional journal of a young woman who write about her life, lessons, and personal struggles.

Beautiful in God’s Eyes by Elizabeth George – An in-depth look at Proverbs 31 and the woman we know as the virtuous woman. One of the best books I’ve ever read!

Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh Demoss – A challenge to choose gratitude everyday, in all areas of life and experience joy as a result.

>>> To see even more book suggestions, visit my Books to Read page.

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10 Books Young Every Woman Must Read! Need some new books to read? Here are ten must-read books for every Christian young woman!

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18 thoughts on “10 Books Every Christian Young Woman Should Read

  1. Thank you for sharing your list! I’ve read Mabel Hale’s Beautiful Girlhood at around 10 years old, after receiving it for my birthday. My mum and I studied through it together and I remember our tea in the evenings with this book quite fondly. 😉 I don’t think I’ve read any of the others, though, so it was interesting hearing about them!


    1. I have heard all if these. I have read most of them, but stop and start new ones. 🙂 Currently I’m reading g Beautiful Girlhood with my mom for school. It is really good advice. We own most if the Elizabeth George books, own Changed into His image, What do I know about my God, and many others. They are all so very good for young ladies.

      1. That’s great that you have many of these… It’s so nice to own good books!! Enjoy reading Beautiful Girlhood!

    2. Aw, that sounds like so much fun! My mom and I went through quite a few books together 🙂 fond memories for sure! 🙂

  2. These look great! I’m always curious what I am benefitting before I order things (I’m just like that LOL,) I’m assuming if I order off of your affiliate links that it will benefit your church or something good for a good cause since this is a Christian blog? 🙂 You never know, I figure it never hurts to check! 🙂

    1. Good question! Any affiliate money I earn is to offset the time and money needed to run this blog. Surprisingly, it gets expensive having a blog. Their are monthly and yearly fees as well as expenses for legal requirements. Thanks for asking!! 🙂

  3. I haven’t read most of these! There are SO many books I would like to read, so who knows, maybe I will read these one day! I love a quote I’ve seen, I think by Charles Spurgeon, that says “Visit many good books, but live in the Bible” or something to that extent. We should definitely not let other books take the place of God’s Word, no matter how good they are, so that’s great that you made that #1 on the list! I’ve read Changed Into His Image by Jim Berg and Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss 🙂

    1. Oh, I love that quote too!! Thanks for mentioning it 🙂 I hope you get a chance to read these books someday… But I am with you… There are sooo many books out there that I want to read!! 🙂

    1. Megan, most of the books on the list are KJV. Elizabeth George’s books are not, and I can’t remember if The Pursuit of God is all KJV or not? On the list at the bottom, most of them are not KJV, although I think Stepping Heavenward uses the KJV.

  4. Thank you for this list – I will remember these and keep my eye out for them! 😉 I have read both Beautiful Girlhood and A Women After God’s Own Heart. I have also read several other books by Elizabeth George and enjoyed them all too. Oh, and I will hopefully be reading Choosing Gratitude soon!! I read “Lies Women Believe” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss as well, and that was very helpful. I would also suggest Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis. Her testimony made a huge impact on me!

    1. I have started that book, Kisses from Katie and haven’t finished it. I would recommend that book. It is so good. Love that book as well. There is a book called “A young woman after God’s own heart” as well. I also have a place of quiet rest by Nancy Leigh Demoss.

      1. Yes, Kisses from Katie is wonderful!! I hope you have been enjoying it! I couldn’t put it down, and keep reading parts of it over and over again 🙂 I have read the young women’s book as well and really enjoyed it. One of the other books I read was a young woman of prayer, which was also great. Ooh, I’ll have to look for A Place of Quiet Rest! Thanks for the suggestion, Michaela!

        1. A Young Woman of Prayer and A Young Woman’s guide to making right choices is also so good and bebenifical. A Place of Quiet Rest is so deep. I haven’t finished it yet. There are so many I need to finish. Another great book,is, Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes if I’m not mistaken.

    2. I love Kisses from Katie as well! It’s been several years since I’ve read the book – I would love to read it again. Too many books…. So little time 😁

    1. Yes, there are all so many to read. But it’s good to know others are reading the same things. And I’m not the only one! 🙂 So encouraging.

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