October Photo Challenge 

How would you describe a radiant young woman?

I imagine she is someone who embraces life with everything she has; filling it with her joy and radiance.  I know I want to celebrate and fully embrace the life that God has given me!  For October I plan to do just that.

This month I am joining my friend Tashia (from Joyfully Living 4 Jesus) for an October photo challenge.  We put our heads together and made a list of things that help make our lives joyful and more radiant.  And….

We want you to join us!  Here’s the challenge:

I will be sharing my photos from this challenge on my Instagram account.  (That way I can keep up with my normal posting schedule here.) If you don’t have an Instagram account I would still love to see your pics!  Feel free to share them on your own blog, or email them to me at moreradiance{at}gmail.com. If you have an Instagram be sure to tag your photos #radiantjoys so both Tashia and I can see your awesome photos!

The challenge starts tomorrow… Are you in? 🙂  Feel free to share the above image and invite your friends as well!

{I would love to know} Have you ever done a photo challenge before?


Rebekah Joy (2)

12 thoughts on “October Photo Challenge 

    1. Any old(er) photo would do. It still counts even if you didn’t take it recently. You could do a photo of a photo 🙂

  1. I’ve never done a photo challenge before but this sounds so fun! I want to go through this list and get them all — it’d be a great way to work on my photography skills and play with my camera. I’ve been needing some inspiration in that department! I’ll probably post them on my insta but also use them on my blog some too!

      1. Hi! I’ll be sending my picture for day 1 sometime today. I’m actually Oliva’s (the first girl who commented) sister 🙂

        1. I got your picture 🙂 thank you for sharing it with me! Also, thank you so much for “introducing” yourself. It’s so nice to know who you are 🙂

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