My Goals for February 2017

My Goals for February 2017

Happy February!

I hope you all had a wonderful January. Mine was rather busy – so I am hoping that February will slow down a little (maybe!). There is a lot I want to accomplish this month, and several of those things didn’t even make it onto this list! Can’t wait to hear about your goals for this month as well!

Here are my goals for the month of February…

My Goals for the Month of February

Finish Reading the First 5 Books of the Bible – I decided to read through the Bible this year so I want to be finished reading Deuteronomy by the end of this month (I am still in Exodus). I honestly did not think I would enjoy reading through the Bible in year – but so far, I am enjoying it a lot!! It’s amazing what we can learn from every book of the Bible, whether it’s in the Old Testament or the New.

Read Through the book of 1 John – The month of February seems to be all about love. However, I really want to focus on God’s love for me, and my response (which should be love for Him and others). After studying for a devotional on loving God, and hearing a message from that passage by my favorite preacher, I want to take some extra time this month to read and meditate on the book of 1 John.

Read Idols of the Heart by Elyse Fitzpatrick – The idea of “loving God with all my heart” and “having no other gods before Him” has been going through my mind a lot lately. Because it seems like God is trying to teach me something about this subject, I think it’s about time to pull out this book. It’s been on my to-read list for awhile, but I believe this is the month to finally dig in. If I am to love God with all my heart, I must make sure it’s free from any idols, whatever or whoever they may be.

Walk or Workout 3 Times a Week – I’ve been fitting in about one workout a week, which is definitely not enough. I have decided to “schedule” these into my week. Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are the days I plan to walk and/or workout. Of course, it would be ideal to exercise everyday, but I want to start small and work up to that somehow.

Start Making Healthier Choices – This goal is a bit vague (I know!) but it’s the best way to describe my goal for this month. My eating habits haven’t been so great for awhile now…. so my goal is to slowly make healthier choices. Lemon water instead of coffee (some) mornings, less peanuts and chocolate and more fruits and veggies, packing healthier lunches, drinking more water at work, etc. This week I’m also throwing in some more of my favorite super foods: ground flax seed, spinach, and avocado – yum! 😉

Get to Bed! – I dawdle around a LOT in the evenings which sets my bedtime back quite a bit.  I really need to be more proactive about my bedtime to make sure I get enough sleep. A late bedtime usually effects my time with God the next day too – so this is important for both my physical and spiritual health!

Finish Reading 4 Books – I started a couple books in January, so it shouldn’t take me long to finish those up and read a couple more. I can’t believe how little I’ve read this year so far! Hopefully, this month I will be more intentional about reading. I’ve missed it!

Practice Piano 2 Hours a Week – This shouldn’t be hard at all. 🙂 I love playing around on the piano, so, as long as I don’t have a crazy week, I should be able to exceed this goal.

Write a “To-Do” List for This Month – Not a goal list, a to-do list! There are a lot of random projects and things that I would like to get started (and finished!) this month. So, I really need to make a list to keep track of it all. Random things like: making a cover for my recipe binder, re-organizing my teaching materials, making more resources for my blog, etc. Basically, I just need to get the ball rolling on some things, and stay on top others, therefore, the reason for a big to-do list!

That’s About All

Like I said, there are a lot of random projects and “things” I want to accomplish this month – but I haven’t sat down to prioritize them all yet. The goals on this list are my springboard. I want to start with these and hopefully accomplish even more. We shall see how that goes 😉

How About You?

What are your goals for this month? Any special plans?

Please share in the comments! ♥

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4 thoughts on “My Goals for February 2017

  1. You have amazing goals 🙂 Hope you will accomplish them ❤
    For this month I have just a few goals 🙂 First of all I want to read through the Exodus in the morning, Proverbs before I start studying for school and from the New Testament Acts. And I want to start studying biblical women – the first is Ester. Then I want to start again playing my flute, start journal and write in my gratitude journal (3 things I am grateful for each day). And from health gols – drink at least 2 liters od water per day and continue in working out 🙂
    I pray that February will be blessed ❤

  2. Awesome goals! I love your goal posts 🙂
    This month I don’t have very many goals. The ones I do have include: write for 30 minutes each day (blogging, letters, etc.), try 2 recipes, create a daily stretch/exercise routine, begin memorizing the book of Philippians (one of my new year goals!), start a gratitude journal, and begin planning a guest post/interview on my blog. I’m very excited about completing each one of these goals!
    As far as special plans go, I have a Bible quiz tournament and awards on Saturday, and at the end of the month I’m participating in a piano evaluation/competition. I think that’s pretty much it!
    Happy February! May God give you a profitable, joy-filled month!

  3. Wow!!!! I have many goals………. more piano practice, work ahead on school work, most important to get a better relationship with God

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