Planning our Future Home + My Wedding Registry!

Planning our Future Home + My Wedding Registry!

Hello Friends!

I am having a lot of fun planning for my future home!  I have always loved interior decorating – and having my own room to decorate as I pleased was always such a huge blessing. Now, I am super excited to have my own home to decorate and turn into a comfy, cozy haven.

My fiance’ will be looking for housing while doing a summer internship, and I am just relieved that we finally know where in the country we will be living!  For awhile it was pretty uncertain where we would be (for all I knew, we would be moving out west!). But the Lord finally led us, and we won’t be venturing too far away from home after all… which is a blessing!

Anyways… a few weeks ago I set up my wedding registry. My fiance’ and I decided to use Amazon and one other registry. To be honest, all other registries I’ve tried have been a hassle, but I love using Amazon! Since setting up my registries, I have gotten even more excited about our future home.

So, for today’s post, I thought it would be fun to share with all of you, my ideas for our future home. I realize that in the beginning we won’t have a lot… and I am not going to care if our furniture is mismatched, or if the walls don’t match the floor, or whatever… I’m just excited to work with the space we have. I can’t wait to turn an empty space into a cozy, loving home!

Following are my ideas for our future home, and what I plan to do with our very first little place. (This post does contain affiliate links)

Planning Our Future Home 

Kitchen Color and Style – The French Farmhouse look is definitely one of my favorites, although I don’t think either of us want so much white and ivory colors everywhere. So, I want to bring out the elegant whites and ivories in dishes and decorative pieces. For everyday dishes I plan to go with Corelle dishes in Winter Frost. I also have my eye on pretty pottery pieces such as this decorative pitcher. I love country/rustic red. So, I want the end result to be a farmhouse look with accents of a rustic red and sunflower yellow for cheery pops of color.

Living Room Color and Style – This will depend on what our actual living room looks like. However, anything that looks cozy and comfy appeals to me. So I am picturing lots of throw pillows, country lanterns, and wooden crates filled with books or extra throw blankets. I want to continue the country theme throughout our home, so that will definitely come into play with the decor.

Bathroom Color and Style – To my mother’s chagrin I’m in love with white bath towels. I put these white towels on my wedding registry and also these Cranberry colored towels for “practicality’s sake”. I also added these handy storage baskets to store linens and toiletries. I can’t decide if I want to continue a distinct farmhouse look or include a little nautical twist since I love anchors! 😉

Master Bedroom – I have lots of ideas for this room but I can easily describe it in two words: cozy and romantic. 😉

Decorative Pieces – My sister-in-law gave me some adorable succulents in a copper tin mug. Unfortunately, I have killed every single plant I have ever owned. But if these manage to survive, I will be taking them with me to our future home. Since succulents “thrive on neglect” I hope to get some more to decorate my window sills. 🙂

Throws – I mentioned earlier that I love anything that looks comfy and cozy, and throw pillows and blankets are a huge part of this. I found some throw pillow covers on Amazon that I added to my registry (this one is my favorite!) and plan to use those for cozy touches. I also have a lot of throw pillows here at home that will be going with me when we get married.

My Registry Picks

Okay, so obviously there are items on my registry that are a bigger priority than others. Most of them are things that I have used a lot here at home, or things I know we will definitely need to set up our house.  The following list are my “registry favorites” – the things that we need and the things I am also super excited about!!

My Cookware Set after some research and asking around, I decided to go with the Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware Set. I want something that’s going to last a long time and also meet our cooking needs. I believe this set will do us well. 🙂

Kitchen ToolsI love this cooking utensil set from the Pioneer Woman. And I was even more excited when my (future) in laws surprised me with an early wedding gift – two of these paring knives. The wood handles are a beautiful color and I love the branding as well!

Kitchen ApplianceI am a huge fan of smoothies… and I love using both our Ninja Blender and our food processor here at home. So with those two thoughts in mind, I decided to put this Ninja Blender on my registry. Breakfast smoothies and healthy cookie dough?! Yes!

Bedding – I am so so sooooo in love with this bedspread! The pin tuck pleats and the color will add a luxurious look. I also love faux fur blankets so I added one of those to my registry as well. And again… I love throw pillows so I plan to use my own white throw pillows that I already own.

Books – Because I am such a book lover, I couldn’t help but add a few books to my wedding registry! Here are the three books I’ve added so far (and I may add a few more!) 🙂

Final Thoughts

I have a lot more on my registry than I mentioned. Obviously there are a lot more practical things like an ironing board, storage containers, and so much more. However, I just thought it would be fun to share my favorites. I would love to know the following…

  • What do you think is a “must have” for our future home?
  • Any books you would recommend that I add?
  • What are your hopes and plans for your future home?

Please share your thoughts and answers in the comments! ♥

Rebekah Joy (2)

8 thoughts on “Planning our Future Home + My Wedding Registry!

  1. Well I likely won’t be married any time soon (I believe it’s very rare for 16 yr old to be married) ;D
    but , I’m a country girl at heart and love “farmy” home decorations, I’m also obsessed with scripture plaques/ painting/decorations. I think that rada cutlery is a must they aren’t super “stylish” but they are the best, kinda like pampered chef only cheaper.

    1. I wanted to mention my ideas about placing Scripture throughout our home… and totally missed that. I have some Scripture plaques in mind that I would love to display as well! I’ve never heard of Rada cutlery… although I love Pampered Chef! 🙂

  2. I like your idea of a rustic country farm theme and look. I would add a few dish towels and face cloths. When you have company there always seem to be not enough. As far as books go i would add some magazines too. There are many decorating ones. I buy mine at CVS. Books are a necessity. I would add some books on house plants and gardening. Books on marriage that have a religious theme is a good thing to have.. Buy some love stories,too. Congratulations on your up coming wedding.

    1. Love these ideas – thanks so much for suggestions! I love browsing through books for decor and organization ideas. 🙂

  3. Hi Rebekah,

    Thanks so much for sharing. Homemaking is such fun! I really enjoy it as well. (I’m still in the process of deciding if I want to leave the walls of my room purple or switch to a different color! :D)

    You asked about a ‘must have’. 🙂

    For me, a ‘must have’ in my current home is having Scripture up where I can meditate on it. My recipe box is double-sided and I have one side filling up with laminated verses (handwritten or typed). I use a small business card holder to hold them up on the shelf above our kitchen sink. It works great for meditating on or just reorienting my thoughts as I’m doing dishes. (I usually do them in sets. For example, verses on womanhood, Romans 12, creation, and God’s Attributes.) I originally did it as something I wanted for my future home that would be a blessing then and something familiar. Now I also love them for my life right now! 🙂 I also have a flip book of verses and blessings that resides in our laundry room. The habit of having Scripture up where I work just helps point me back to my Savior as I’m busy serving Him!

    If that sounds like something you would enjoy, please let me know and I’d be glad to make and mail you a few cards to get you started! 🙂

    Love in Him,
    P.S. Oh, and I kinda think at least two tea cups are another must have! 😉

    1. I looove the Scripture card idea! I have some other ideas for placing Scripture throughout our home as well – including some plaques and framed verses. I definitely want our home to have at least one Bible verse framed or displayed in each room of the house. 🙂

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