Becoming a Godly Role Model

Becoming a Godly Role Model

“…be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

I don’t remember having a particular role model as a little girl.  But thinking back I did look up to a lot of older girls at church.

There was Danielle who let me sit on her lap during Sunday School and taught me how to properly apply chap stick.

There was Jennifer who was always kind – I was thrilled when she remembered my birthday one year and bought me my first choker necklace.

There was Kiely who would chat with me over email.

There was Kristi who played with me, talked to me, and (to this day) is still is an encouragement.

I always looked up to older girls, and I wish there had been more that I could mention here.  Now that I’m on the opposite end I can understand.  Life is busy.  Younger girls already have their friends… and at church I’m busy socializing with my own peers. But…

Are any of those excuses good enough?

Just imagine how special it would be to a young girl to have a godly (yet older) girl  take her under her wings.  To encourage her, pray for her, and be a friend.  Someone that would encourage her to obey God and her parents.  What an impact that could have on the impressionable life of a young girl.  To see godliness and good character in action.  Good role models can be hard to find.  But I  hope we find them… and may we all desire to BE ONE.

How can we be a role model for young girls around us?

“Be thou an example…in word, in conversation…”

  • Know their names and acknowledge them.  It can be exciting to young girls to be noticed and recognized by an older girl.
  • Pay them genuine compliments.  Their face is sure to light up with a smile.
  • Talk to them.  We can ask them about their week, their hobbies, their school work, their favorite: verse, Bible story, Bible character, etc.  We should show them it’s exciting to talk about God and the Bible.
  • Watch your conversation.  My friends and I often have a couple younger girls listening to our conversations.  We need to be careful! We should avoid gossiping or talking about things that wouldn’t be edifying to us or younger girls.
  • Jot a little note.  It takes just a few minutes for us to jot a note. All it has to say is that we are thinking of them and wanted to write them a note.  We can add some Bible verses and have a spiritually encouraging note to brighten a younger girl’s day.
  • Pray for them.  We should add them to our prayer lists or pray for them when they cross our minds.  We should also let them know we are praying for them.

“…be thou an example… in charity…”

  • Accept them. We should love and accept them for who they are.  They all need our love and acceptance.
  • Show love.  We can give them a hug if they need one.  We can  remember their birthday… even if it’s just wishing them a “happy birthday.”

“…be thou an example…in spirit…”

  • Live the example.  We should show them what it’s like to be a joyful Christian.  Even if we are still learning ourselves we can show them how to be submissive to our parents, how to be joyful, and how to live out the Christian life.  It’s a tall order but we can be an example “in spirit” if we ask Christ for help.

“…be thou an example…in faith…”

  • Be at church.  By attending church and being faithful, we show younger girls that church and our faith is important to us.
  • Be involved in ministry and include them.  If we are involved in ministry we can have younger girls join us.  Whether we visit an invalid or help out in other ministries, this is a perfect time to have a younger girl join in and help!
  • Read the Bible and pray with them.  If we ever get the opportunity to have one on one time with a younger girl, we should take the opportunity to read the Bible or pray together.  It may be awkward, but is can be a blessing to both!

“…be thou an example in… purity…”

  • Act with purity.  We should be careful of our conduct around the opposite sex.  How we act around guys can send loud messages to everyone, especially younger girls who may be watching!

All of these things could be applied to everyone.  1 Timothy 4:12 talks about being an example of the believers… so we should be living this out for all to see.  God, however, has been giving me a burden for the younger girls.  Maybe it’s because I’m still desiring for others to live this out for me, but I hope that I can become a good role model for at least a few of the young girls around me.

{I would love to know} How do you feel about being a role model?  Which of these areas do you need to work on the most… words, conversation, charity, spirit, faith, or purity?


Rebekah Joy (2)

10 thoughts on “Becoming a Godly Role Model

  1. Another lovely post! 😉
    I love how you give tips/ideas on how we can apply what you’re sharing about. 😀
    I’ say I need to work on centering my conversations around Jesus…I very often talk about everything but my Jesus. :/ Maybe you could pray for me that I’d be bold to bring up His name and share how he’s working in my life. It’s easy to talk about God through blog posts or messages, but harder to in real life. At least, that’s how it is for me. 🙂

    1. I definitely need to work on talking about Jesus too. I think we all have that natural struggle. I will definitely pray for you about it (I already have!). Thank you for having such a willing spirit that wants to serve and obey Him!

  2. “How do you feel about being a role model?”

    Well, really I had no choice about becoming one. 😉 In the church meeting we attended until moving a few years ago, I was one of only three teenage girls… along with seven or eight girls under the age of ten. Even now, whenever we go back for a visit or see them at Bible conferences, I feel like a queen. But this is not the kind of status young women seek, e.g. through beauty contests; it is the unsolicited kind that sees no faults (!) and always overwhelms me (it’s often a bit frightening, too!). I am NOT perfect. I remember slowly waking up to the faults in my own role models as I got older, and, though it will inevitably happen, I dread disillusioning these young girls.

    “Which of these areas do you need to work on the most… words, conversation, charity, spirit, faith, or purity?” Conversation, in the sense that it should always show listeners Jesus. I want others to look past my face and carriage and voice and see HIM. Also, (and you touched on this, Rebekah) when I look back, I see missed chances to inquire in the girls’ lives and interests, conversations that would have drawn them out and built them up. Now, with us living hours apart, the opportunities are rarer. But there are still some, and I want to seize them!
    Thank you for motivating us all to take our responsibility as role models seriously!

    Love in Christ,

    1. Hi Emily,
      Thanks so much for sharing!! That is very special that God placed you in a great position to be a role model for those younger girls. It really is an honor (as well as an extremely great responsibility!) to be a role model for younger girls and show them the light of Christ. I know He will help you as you seek to show them Christ in your life.
      Yes, I think everyone can always use a little improvement in conversation 🙂 I know what you mean about missed opportunities. There are a lot of girls I wish I had reached out to in the past and now those opportunities are gone.
      Thank you for reading and commenting… I love when my readers share their thoughts!

  3. Hi Rebekah!
    I just stumbled across this post. Wow! I love everything you shared! I have had several role models, though I wish I had had more, now that I think about it! And since I’m an older high schooler, it is SO TRUE that so many younger girls look up to me. It is scary to think about…kind of like “If I mess up, everyone will know!”
    I need to work on conversation. My group of friends talks about uplifting stuff mostly, but I certainly don’t talk about Jesus as much as I should in every day conversation.
    Anyway, I shared your post on my blog, along with my own thoughts.

    1. Hi Bethany, I’m so glad you found this post – it’s actually an old one but I’m so glad that it’s still helpful! It really is amazing how younger girls look up to us “older ladies” 😉 Don’t let it scare you… instead let it motivate you to reach out to them, befriend them, and teach them by living in a godly manner. There are quite a few young girls at my church that I’ve befriended simply because they need a friend. It’s amazing how much they seem to cherish a relationship with someone older who cares about them. It’s such a rewarding thing, and I value each one of them! I hope you can be the godly example and friend that some younger girl is seeking ❤

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