6 Things That Steal My Joy

6 Things That Steal My Joy

Several weeks ago I found myself wondering why some days I feel so incredibly happy and the next day I feel extremely down. “What is stealing my joy?!?” I wondered. “Am I just a moody person?”

I can tell you right now that I do not want to be a moody person.  I really want to be known as a joyful woman.  Someone who consistently joyful.  I don’t want anyone thinking… “What’s Rebekah going to be like today?  Will she be moody or happy?

Back to the first question I asked myself… “What is stealing my joy?”

I had to think about it and I am still trying to answer this question.  Some things are obvious while others are a little harder to identify.  What I discovered will help me guard my heart and mind and protect my joy.

6 Things That Steal My Joy (and yours too!)

1. Lack of sleep.  This is probably the biggest joy steal-er in my life right now.  I get up pretty early Monday-Friday and I have a very hard time being disciplined enough to go to bed at a good time.  This results in me feeling groggy and sometimes a little grumpy….can anyone say, “moody?!” But here’s the thing, God designed sleep because our bodies need rest.  When we don’t get enough sleep we aren’t taking proper care of our bodies and we are not going to feel our best. When we don’t feel our best it’s a lot harder to fight for joy.

2. Thinking (too much) about the future.  This comes as a very close second.  Some days it can be the #1 thief of my joy.  Every time I think too much about the future, whether worrying or wishing for something, I am taking my mind off today and the present moment.  We can only find true joy today, not our tomorrows and some days Thinking too much about tomorrow will rob today of it’s joy.

3. Discontentment.  This can come from thinking too much about the future but it can also come into my life (and yours!) in many other ways. We can find so many things to be unhappy about… Our looks, our jobs, the size of our pay checks, our clothing, our relationships, and so many other things.  Focusing on what we don’t have takes the joy away from the blessings we do have.

4. Frustration. I find myself getting frustrated when I can’t do something.  Maybe I’ve fallen behind in my to-do list or maybe something just isn’t going the way I think it should… enter: frustration.  In case you haven’t thought about it, frustration can simply be another form of anger.  Angry, frustrated people are never happy.  You and I need to surrender those feelings to God instead.

5. Lack of discipline. Some days nothing makes me feel worse than knowing I blew it in the discipline department.  Maybe I ate way too much or stayed up way too late.  Knowing we have done less than our best can seriously rob us of our joy.

6. Forgetting about God.  Maybe this should be number one, but I decided to save it for last because I am still learning how to find that lasting joy in God.  I know it starts by having a relationship with Him.  Am I talking to Him in prayer? Am I reading, meditating, and memorizing his word?  Am I thinking about Him and Who He is?  God is our One and only constant.  When our happiness flies away we can turn to Him for true and lasting joy.  It’s what I know but it’s not always what I live.

“Now the God of hope fill you will all joy….” Romans 15:13

{I would love to know} What steals your joy?  Feel free to start the conversation and/or share your thoughts in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “6 Things That Steal My Joy

  1. I really, really needed this! The first three have been my main struggling areas of late. And it certainly does make me moody! I think for number two it is easy to find things we aren’t content with, but when you start pondering the things you do have the list goes on and on and on…way bigger then your discontentment. My mom said the other day that even if we don’t have anything else in the world but God, we can be happy.

    1. What your mom said is SO true!! It’s just hard to remember sometimes 🙂 but thankfulness and contentment are definitely two keys to joy. It really is amazing how many blessings we DO have when we stop to remember them. Thank you so much for sharing, Olivia!

  2. It is so nice to not be the only one seeking joy 🙂 thank you for sharing what you are learning…and for sharing about my post 🙂

    1. No problem, Erin 🙂 I enjoy our back and forth sharing of quotes and verses. It’s such an encouragement to me and reminds me to be seeking joy more often 🙂

  3. Hi Rebekah,

    I LOVE this post. It hits so close to home. I’ve recently been realizing that some days I am so full of joy and others I’m in the worst mood and I didn’t understand why. I can completely relate to each one of these. I found for myself that when I’m being selfish is when I’m robbing the most joy from myself. The days I seemed to be full of joy, it seemed to be that way because the day was going just as I had expected it to and that made me really happy and thankful. But on the days where something would happen where I wouldn’t want to do something then I would get grumpy so I have been trying to work on that and be thankful in all circumstance – not just when things are going the way I thought they would.

    Thanks again for this post, I loved it 🙂

    1. Hey Ashley, thanks so much for sharing! I am so glad you liked this post and that you can relate as well. We definitely rob ourselves of joy when we focus on things that haven’t gone our way. Thank you again for sharing!

  4. Definitely for me, one thing is looking to the future. Like “How is this going to work out?” and “What if this doesn’t get done?” I get really anxious about stuff and that definitely doesn’t help anything! Another thing I’ve always had a real problem with is comparison. Like “Oh man, I wish I could look/play piano/sing/anything and everything like that person” lol It’s something I’m working on, but it’s a major joy-stealer!

    1. Comparison is definitely a big one for a lot of us. I think it’s even harder for girls not to compare!
      You are so right about anxiousness not helping anything… It usually just makes us feel worse anyways. I’m glad you are able to identify some of the “joy stealers” in your life. It really helps to know what they are. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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