5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity - and why you should!

Creativity sparks passions. When ideas begin to flow, new passions begin to surge. Everything looks bright and hopeful.   Excitement reigns.  Energy flows and you are exhilarated. Have you ever felt this way?  That feeling stems from being creative.  A new thought occurred to me the other day…

Creativity is a radiant reflection of our Creator

 I never thought much about God being interested in my creativity but He IS The Ultimate Creator!

“In the beginning, God created….” Genesis 1:1

So, if God created then He must be interested in creativity, even my own meager attempts at being creative.  So, what are some ways we can boost our creativity and get ideas flowing?  Here are 5 simple ways!

5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

1. Read, read, read 

Every book is filled with ideas.  Every author’s unique thoughts fills the pages of their book, whether fiction or non.  Every idea is born from knowledge we already posses or from knowledge added.  That’s why books (especially non-fiction) can spark so many new ideas.  Books are one of the greatest sources of knowledge.

2. Go for a walk

What could be better for sparking creativity than walking in the Creation of The Ultimate Creator?  Getting outside into the fresh air and sunshine (or even rain) helps to clear our mind and make room for new, creative ideas!

3. Have a brainstorming session

  • Sit down with  a piece of paper and write down a goal for the “session”  (a topic/title for a paper? ways to make money? ways to achieve a goal?)
  • Set a timer for just a few minutes and write down as many ideas that come to mind as possible.  Continue until the timer stops.
  • Review the paper.  Chances are, there will be at least one winning idea.

4. Share thoughts and ideas with others

My siblings and I do this and we call it idea sharing or information sharing.  We talk about the books we are reading, and what we are learning.  We get a lot of new ideas from each other.  I think all of us would be amazed if we knew how many creative ideas can come from those around us!

5. Do something creative

The more creativity we use, the more we will have.  Drawing, playing an instrument,  writing, making a recipe, completing a simple project, doodling, taking pictures…  Simply taking the time do something creative helps us become more creative.

That’s it!  All five ideas are not complicated.  In fact they are extremely simple.  Give one of them a try and remember… creativity is a radiant reflection of our Creator!

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