18 Things I Learned While 18

18 Things I Learned While I Was Eighteen

Just a couple days ago I turned 19.  I still can’t believe it.  I’m pretty sure the past year has gone faster than any other year so far.   I would have to say it’s been a pretty awesome year…when I think of all that I learned I would have to say it’s been one of my best years.  No I am not kidding, and no, I am not trying to make it sound like my life has been great and easy – that would be a lie.

Thinking back over being 18 means reliving some of the worst and best days in my life.  I laughed, I cried, I made memories…good and bad, I met new people, and learned new things about myself and my God.

Just a couple weeks ago I realized that I don’t cry as much.  I smile a lot more and I am stronger than ever before… and that’s because of my God and His amazing grace.

There is no way I could remember all the things I learned while I was 18 but I decided to attempt a list anyways…

18 Things I Learned While 18

  1. My family members are the most important people in my life.  Other people may come and go but my family members are always the same.
  2. I am a very vain and selfish person.  It’s something I need to recognize and change.
  3. Disappointments aren’t the end of the world.  Far from it.
  4. Getting out of my comfort zone increases my confidence.
  5. Trying new things is the best way to learn.  That and reading books.
  6. Things will never get done unless I just buckle down and do them. 
  7. Joyful and contented people are the best people to be around.
  8. There really is such a thing as peace that passeth all understanding.
  9. My job brings me so much joy. Joy is so much better than money.
  10. Music makes me ridiculously happy.  Sometimes it makes me sad.
  11. Talking in person is way better than texting.
  12. God still answers prayer and works in unbelievable ways.
  13. The best thing I can ever do is seek and serve HIM.
  14. It’s really hard to find balance in life.  But I need it.
  15. Coffee actually tastes good… very good.  And naps?  They are pretty amazing sometimes.
  16. It’s hard to get past my fears.  But when I do it is liberating.
  17. I can always count on my pastor and my parents.  They are there for me when I need them and they are some of the very best friends I could ever have.
  18. I never know what life is going to throw at me next.  I just need to trust God and enjoy the ride.

I would love to know

What have you learned since your last birthday?

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6 thoughts on “18 Things I Learned While 18

  1. My sister and I were were wondering how old you were 🙂 Happy belated birthday!!

    Hm, that would be tough to know what I’ve learned. One thing especially that I am still learning is that as Christians it doesn’t matter what unsaved people think of our faith as long as we are pleasing God with our life. Another thing would be making my God and family first. Also, I’ve learned that I will never be content anywhere else unless I’m content right here and now.

    1. Thanks, Olivia!! And thank you so much for sharing what you have learned! I really need to learn contentment as well 🙂 it’s tough sometimes isn’t it?

  2. Oh, now I know how old you are! 🙂 haha! Happy Birthday!! 🙂 I’m learning patience …. and sometimes its hard to be patient with lots of siblings!!

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