The Key to Feminine Excellence

The Key to Feminine Excellence

“[She] that walketh with wise [women] shall be wise…” Proverbs 13:20

Last week I started reading an old book called Female Piety by John Angell James.  This book was originally written in the 1800’s, so it’s very different from the books I usually read.  Two chapters in and I’m hoping it get’s easier and more interesting to read.  However, I’ve already found a wonderful nugget of truth.  The key to becoming a woman of feminine excellence.

Before I share “the key,” I have a question for you to answer in the comments below.

Do you study the women of the Bible on a regular basis?

My personal answer?  I will occasionally choose a lady from the Bible and study her life and character in detail (such as I did with Esther, here and here).  However, after discovering this “key” to feminine excellence I know I must increase my study of the women in the Bible.

“…the sacred page is rich and luminous with bright and beautiful examples of female excellence.” –Female Piety

Yes!  The godly women we find in the Bible had their lives recorded in the Scriptures for a reason.  One of those reasons is to be an example to each one of us.

“…women [should] contemplate for their own encouragement the beautiful specimens of female excellence, with which, like so many stars of various magnitudes, the firmament of Scripture is studded.” –Female Piety

I can just feel my excitement growing as I type.   In the quote above, godly women from the Bible are being likened to stars!  Words like “beautiful” and “excellence” definitely stir something in my heart.  Oh, to be a woman that shines like a star in beautiful feminine excellence!  That right there is the kind of radiance I want in my life!  And here is the key:

To become a beautiful feminine woman of excellence we must study the women of the Bible and apply what we learn to our life.

Of course, not all the women in the Bible shone like stars for the glory of God.  Women like Jezebel, Potiphar’s wife, and Delilah come to mind.  Sadly, even the godly women in the Bible fell just as hard at times.  They failed too.  Just like us.

“…woman is everywhere found wrought into the details of God’s Scriptures, a beacon to warn us or a lamp to guide us.” –Female Piety

We as young women must pick up our Bibles and earnestly study the lives of the women who are found there.  Let’s walk with them and learn from them.  Their lives can be an example, a lesson, an encouragement…

I’m so grateful God saw fit to fill His Word with the lives of so many women.  He did not just tell us about the lives of men, He purposely had recorded the lives of women for our learning as well… so we can learn how to live as beautiful, feminine, women of excellence.

{I Would Love to Know} Do you feel inspired by these quotes and this post to pick up God’s Word and learn from the women found there?  I know I do!  Forgive me if I came across as overly excited.  However, I hope that in some small way, I can give you a greater desire to learn from the lives of the women in the Bible.


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